3.3 Overlay of time zones – Stocks

When to trade the Financial Markets

Let us look at the Stocks market

For the Stocks market, we are going to look at 2 main ones. The UK stocks and

  1. Timing:

    • UK Market operates from 0800 hrs – 1630 hrs. (GMT)

    • US Market operates from 1430 hrs – 2100 hrs. (GMT) This is usually when the Dow Jones Index and New York Stock Exchange are open.

  2. Overlap - When we are using timing to trade, we need to look at the overlaps of both these markets. The overlap happens between 1430 hrs – 1630 hrs (GMT)

When market starts to open, we can already observe that traders are starting to take their position and anticipating the big volume surge that is going to happen or for the prices to rocket up. That would be the best trading opportunities.

We need to be note that times mentioned are based on GMT times as you use to correlate to the country’s time zones that you are trading from.

Let us move on to the next market.

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