About Master The Markets

At Master The Markets, we are a team of professional traders with over 38 years of cumulative experience. We have coached over twenty thousand [20,000] people on 3 continents, consulted on trading floors and presented live trading seminars. We trade the markets live every day, publishing our results and teaching clients in real time through our proven and tested strategies. We are also the proud founders of the ‘Elite Traders conference’ and the pioneer breakthrough event ‘Traders Open Day’ where we shared the stage with world renowned speakers. Our numerous testimonials given by clients from a variety of professions clearly proves that we are the best at what we do.


Changing Lives and bringing you closer to your self through real, transparent and inspiring trading education.


Our mission is to deliver teaching programmes, which are designed from the real sustainable strategies of vedanta trading, to educate our students, customers and other stakeholders about responsible and effective trading. Our education programmes are inspired by ancient spiritual principles to trade the markets transparently, truthfully and responsibly.


Integrity – We conduct our business always aligning with our rules, principles and code of conduct. We do what we say/teach in our education material and live trading rooms

Transparency – We conduct our business by constantly disclosing what we do and have done. We transparently show our trading results and the donations we make.

Truthfulness – Our business is inspired by truthful, honest and realistic accounts of what can be achieved. We do not sell get rich, quick dreams.

Stewardship – We act as stewards who constantly, selflessly and responsibly behave on behalf of our stakeholders which include customers, employees, investors, communities and future generations. We put our customers first and meet their needs by delivering strategies that will help them achieve consistent performance.