About Master The Markets

At Master The Markets, we are a team of professional traders with over 38 years of cumulative experience. We have coached over fifteen thousand [15,000] people on 3 continents, consulted on trading floors and presented live trading seminars. We trade the markets live every day, publishing our results and teaching clients in real time through our proven and tested strategies. We are also the proud founders of the ‘Elite Traders conference’ and the pioneer breakthrough event ‘Traders Open Day’ where we shared the stage with world renowned speakers. Our numerous testimonials given by clients from a variety of professions clearly proves that we are the best at what we do.

3 points that differentiate us:

  1. True, Transparent and Profitable Live trading – Trades taken live in front of clients in a live trading room and trades are logged in a trade by basis backed by broker statements. Makes it simple and easy for clients to follow the professionals and make consistent profits and a positive equity curve.
  2. Research backed Trading systems – All the trading systems that we publish and trade live have been tested and proven by our research team using mathematical algos which make the clients trade them with trust and conviction and make reliable reproducible returns.
  3. Our open door support – We offer an unlimited online support where clients can ask us any questions via our online mediums through social media,email,blogs,etc. We also have a 1-1 support for our advanced members.This equips our clients with the support and confidence to Master the Markets and grow their capital.

Master the Markets is the trading name for Vedanta Trading Ltd. Our company core foundations and vision are built upon the 14 laws of spiritual success based on Vedanta.

So what is Vedanta?

Vedanta is universal knowledge contained in the eastern scriptures. The objectives of Vedanta are two-fold, one to ‘Master the Mind’, and through the process, to go beyond the mind and find one’s true identity. Since 80% of trading is psychology, we can see the link between Vedanta and Trading which gives us Vedanta Trading. Hence our company philosophy is ‘Master The Mind, Master The Markets’.