In today’s market, the average retail trader without a clear and concise edge will spend hours staring at charts and incurring huge losses and draw downs. Some even fall into a downward spiral of thinking “I’m really close to making it” or “I just made 200% this month and I can turn this around”.

What they fail to understand is that the results were based on one off trades rather than cumulative. They lack knowledge of market dynamics to build a statistically research backed system that has a strong edge and is robust, reproducible and scalable. Furthermore, they lack the psychology and a professional team around them to execute their system consistently. Thus, they are not able to publish a statistically valid track record to give them the confidence to trade through the losses.

Building a trading system with the 3 essential components is pivotal to trading success.
It will help the trader to trade with conviction, pull through the draw downs and earn consistent profits. The strategy component has to be built on a strong concept that can stand through time and market volatility.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader, our professional trader coaches can help you. The coaching sessions will be tailored according to your experience and proficiency level. In the session, your trader coach will:

  1. Assess your trading objectives to get you to your goals quicker with clarity
  2. Go through key market concepts to help you gain an edge in the market
  3. Show you how to build a valid statistical record for trading with conviction

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