3.2 Overlay of time zones – Forex

When to trade the Financial Markets

Let us look at the Forex market

It is good to understand how long it is traded.

  1. Timing – The Forex is a 24hrs market. It is constantly being traded in exchange of currencies. We have to understand the globally interbank transfers are happening. With this, time zones differ between different countries.

  2. Volume Surge – There is an overlap. Especially when you in UK or in the US, there are certain time zones that overlap of 2 country’s biggest trading time. This creates a Volume Surge. As mentioned in the previous videos, those are really good trading opportunities.

  3. NYLON – New York London Overlap. This is when you get one of the biggest trade volume surges. That usually happens between 1100 – 1300 hrs (GMT). This causes a biggest market movements and fluctuations, which you can monetise from.

Let us move on to the next market.


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