Market Blues 05/07/2021, 3 Step Model for Success

Hello Traders, and welcome to our Market Blues video, it’s Thiru Nagappan here founder of Master the Markets, Elite Traders conference and the Trader’s Open day.

As we traders know the purpose of the Market Blues video to keep our momentum on the peak level at the start of the week as you know how important it is for Traders to keep their focus and presence on the present moment.

Today’s topic at Market Blues is going to be on one proven model for success.

Now, what is that proven model?

Let’s take a look now. That one proven model is through a Three Step Process.

As you can see traders, everything that we teach here is not only applicable for Trading Psychology but in fact for your entire life of living.

Let’s now take a look at what a 3 Step Process is in terms of the model in the proven success.

1. First Step: Thoughts (Everything Starts with your Thoughts)

As I was talking to one of our staff today, you see even before you go to achieve something or to acquire an object or towards your trading performance, it all starts as a thought.

Let’s say, for example, you want to go get some ice cream, it first appears on your mind as a thought. When that thought starts recurring it becomes very strong, and a strong thought has got lots of energy on it and it becomes a desire.

So then, you see that strong thought becomes a desire.

2. Second Step: Action.

If the thought is getting an ice cream then the action is getting up from your chair and getting the ice cream on the fridge or the ice cream shop.

3. Achievement

If the action is getting the ice cream the example of the achievement is having the taste of the ice cream.

This 3 Step process is similarly happening everywhere in our life.

It happens s also in Trading.

It first happens as a Thought, that you have to be disciplined, you have to be consistent you should know your trade set up for today, you clearly detailed it out.

It all starts as a thought and then you put them to action you sit on your chair you wait for the right trading set up and you will execute it flawlessly and after accumulating a set of trades you get your achievements. Your final net profit for the month or the year.

You see traders, it always goes down to this three-step model which is basically Think. Act. and Achieve.

Reflect on that and in fact, your result will become scalable and reproducible if the thing is clear or in other words if there is clarity.

Absolute clarity, absolute precision, and all that comes from a clear mind, clear thought which is how it exactly should be how the trade should be managed and executed.

In fact from the thought level to the achievement which is from the unmanifest world to the manifest world where you can touch it and feel it to the rate of speed of achieving the manifest is based on only one word, CLARITY.

When I first thought this, this is quite revealing, it is quite thought-provoking which then I took on to reflect again and again we contemplate then we integrate into our everyday life.

So definitely look into this and reflect on this and integrate it into your everyday life not only on trading but also in every concept of your life in terms of your health your career and your relationship.

Let’s quickly go to our Market Update for today.

Dollar Swiss is currently on an Uptrend, open equity is diminishing I would say tighter stop loss if you’re on a daily time frame to the low of every bar.

Now, Dollar yen Uptrend as well open equity diminishing on the upside.

In terms of GP USD, it’s getting toward at the moment. Open equity little more on the downside.

Eurodollar, on the other hand, lowers equity on the downside.

Aussie dollar, more open equity on the downside.

We did a stretch that accommodated the trade toward the shot.

GPB yen, SMC over here, open equity towards the downside.

Bitcoin, let’s take a look at the daily more open equity on the downside,

Brent oil, on the other hand, is still a very strong move on the upside, still open equity on the downside.

Gold, more open equity on the downside

Footsie, more open equity on the upside.

Dollar Jones, downtrend it actually did a variation here but it is on a strong reversal at the moment, I will still say open equity diminishing to the upside.

Silver on the other hand traders, downtrend more open equity a little more to the upside to be cautious

Finally wheat, more open equity to the upside.

That is it for the Market Blues, if you got any question at all you can tune in to our Trader Starter Pack Video, just leave you email and phone number to get live trading updates.

On the other hand Trade Like A Master, for intermediates, just click on the button and punch all of your details and you can get that good video with a lot of topics about trading so you can get the best value for your Trading Journey.

As we always say, until next time, stay discipline, follow your trading plan and keep trading like a Master.

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