Live Trading Update 08/07/2021

Hello Trader’s, and welcome tour Live Trading Update, it’s Thiru Nagappan here, founder of Master the Markets, Elite Trader’s Conference, and Trader’s Open day.

This is our Intra Day trade that relates to this one over here, and this is the precision trade that we’ve been showing you for the past few weeks on the Dollar Swiss, base on the weekly and daily timeframe correlation.

Just focus on the table of trade, for now, more of a side income generating strategy just to show you an example and you can expand that into many more instruments if you wish to.

The whole basis of this concept is just based on stretch and range.

What are we doing on this trade as of today, we’ve put a target for the percentage range for the ATR based on the daily time frame here using time frame correlation and bar formation here and we’ve also looked at a critical level over here at the low of this bar to trace a shock on the market and to remove stops as well.

Since this bar has taken stocks on the buy side you should look if it comes back further down it shouldn’t go back and it should look further straight.

Do remember that traders don’t overreact until we get to the target and until we hit our stock.

You should not always look at the upside, we should always look at the upside.

It has been 2-3 hours to get towards its target, what we actually is we closed out the trade on its momentum and it’s reversal side.

We might be right or wrong on this but it doesn’t matter, you just keep on having your losses small and have your money equity higher.

You can see the trade progression of this, just a quick recap for you guys. This is where we enter at the low of this green bar and in terms of the stop loss is the red line here.

After that, we just took an MS1 trial basically the high of every bar. As you can see we trailed it all the way from here ISL to here and then the next bar, we can see that it hit the target.

That’s on this trade, so do reflect on this and see how you can transfer some of the principles that you are doing in our systems.

For those of you, who want to learn in a systematic way you can check our video courses, there are two, for beginners you can start with the Trader’s Starter Pack.

For intermediate, you can check out the Trade like a Master, really good high-quality videos.

Feel free to get in contact with us. As we always say, stay discipline, follow your trading plan and keep trading like a master.

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