Understanding Money and Mastering it


Have you ever wondered where money originated from? Who formulated the current economic system that we live in? We are born into today’s monetary system and before we know it, we are in the rat race and chasing after money, either as 9-5 employees or as business owners.

Even most financial traders and investors who are dealing with money every day hardly get time to question ‘How money came about’ and even less so, ‘How it works’ and ‘How to master it’.

I, myself have gone through life not having the time or the people (as your friends and family can’t help you much) to find the answers.

However, I did not stop in my pursuit and as we know, if you persist enough, the universe always responds either through people, videos or books. Here are some great reference links that I have come across which have made me understand money, which will be of great use to you too. However, remember to take your opinions from these references and take the messages that will help you in improving your cashflow.


1. The hidden secrets of Money by Mike Maloney:

A great insight to how money originated, the critical differences between currency and money and how the current monetary system is structured.

Link to watch: 



2. The Big Drop by Jim Rickards:

One of the best ones I have read that explained the complex money theories with great examples and how the great money giants like Warren buffet look at money and invest it.

Link to download book – https://bit.ly/3bRD7ri

*Link will download book straight to your PC*


3. Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins

The greatest of minds on money like billionaire trader, Paul Tudor Jones and the biggest hedge fund manager of $160billion in asset under management, Ray Dalio and many more are interviewed in this book to give you practical ways to take to master your finances.

Link to download book – https://bit.ly/2AJwWsx

*Link will download book straight to your PC*


Yes, I know I have given quite a few references here. However, you do need them to unlearn, learn and relearn to see the whole picture of money.

It will take at least 2-4 weeks(for some of you, less) to go through this material. Do persist with your learning, putting a small amount of time everyday (like 30mins or more).

Very soon, you will be much more confident in mastering Money to improve your cashflow and lifestyle.


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