4.6 Who Trades – Crypto

When to trade the Financial Markets

Who trades Cryptocurrencies?

The Crypto market is traded by:

  1. Larger Corporate Tech firms offer ICOs. Something similar that you might have heard of is IPO. While IPO means Initial Public Offering, ICO means Initial Coin Offering. ICO is where a Tech firm creates a type of coin and offers the coin at an initial coin offering for a discounted price. Therefore, it is very important to do your research in ICOs before investing in them because you want to get in to the right ICOs by understanding the technology they are based on.

  2. Hedge Funds – Recently OTC by Goldman Sachs. They have recently opened the OTC for Crypto that gives it longevity that it is going to be around for quite a while. Goldman Sachs does trade with the crypto currencies.

  3. Private traders – Traders like yourself and us. You can do this at any brokerage that offers crypto currencies as a tradable asset.


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