2.4 Advantages,Disadvantages of Crypto

Let us now take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the newest and upcoming markets – Crypto Market


  1. With crypto trading, you are catching the start of a trend. Generally speaking, the start of a trend is a very good place to be. It presents a massive amount of opportunity. If it actually continues in that trend and everyone comes in later, it will be good.

  2. Similar to the Forex, it is a 24/7 market. It is tradable anytime of the day. The great thing about that is when you are on a night shift, you can still get involved in the crypto market during the mornings and afternoons.

  3. Similar to the Forex, very low dealing costs. The great thing is that you can make many transactions and you are not going to pay too much for the dealing costs. This would be good as like for any investments, you would like to keep your expenses low. This will maximise your upside returns.


  1. Very high uncertainty. We would not be really sure if it will become an actual opportunity or not. Even though Bitcoins and other bigger ones look like they are going to become mainstream but certainly some of the ICOs that come out do have a lot of the uncertainty - Coin that will sustain and become physically traded long term.

  2. Prone to Hacking. The uncertainty could be either it has error with the technology or prone to Hacking and stealing.

  3. High Volatility. Similar to Forex, Crypto has high volatility. If you know what you are doing and have a key trading plan in place, you could use that to your advantage. This is in the disadvantage category for your awareness.

Let us move on to the next market.

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