Live Trading Session 28/07/2021, 3 Step Entry

Hello traders and Welcome to our live trading session update its Thiru Nagappan here, founder of Master the Markets, Elite Trader’s Conference, and the Traders Open Day.
So here we are on today’s intraday sessions over here that we have done over the speaker last week really consistent small profits so we get that we are doing over here just to show you the viability of building a sustainable, scalable reproducible strategy that can make consistent profits in real-time. This is just one strategy variation, as I’ve said before, In Traders Basecamp Package and also in our trader’s toolbox advanced programs that in order to increase frequency, there are two ways you can do it either you increase the number of instruments that you trade just on one strategy, or you create more strategy just on that one instrument. Okay, so don’t worry too much about or if you only got one strategy that’s very few trades only Thiru, you know I won’t have more trades I’m going to fit the market to me, and that’s when you know it doesn’t work you don’t get your consistent performance so remember that as we carry along so just one example of one strategy that we’re doing over here. Now, in terms of what are we actually looking at to capture all the small consistent profits, three main things we really look for traders one in this particular strategy we look for, basically, a break up first, that’s our first signal there. So we break out from this stretch line which we have talked about in our previous live trading session video so do take a look at that. And just to pause over here just to remind you guys that if you do not at all sometimes don’t understand the terminology that we’re using over here, or the basic terminologies load or load of the intermediate-advanced terminologies I highly highly recommend you guys to go and watch traders starter pack movie, which is available on is a five-day online video course we actually got published in The Empire Cinema as well the screen there as well, so watch that really good content even traders who’ve been training for five-seven years after watching that they say you know what really great content or for those of you who are a bit more advanced intermediate look at, that is very high-quality content material as well. We really pride ourselves in giving really good quality content that works because it comes from a three-port model which is research, and then we trade it to see if it works and then we share, and that’s how we make all our video courses because we are all totally passionate in spreading the truth of trading. Okay, so coming back to here, the first thing that we look at traders is basically your breakout from the stretched lines. Second thing, then we look for a retracement, which is what you’re seeing over here. So not only does it just break out from the stretch line. After it shows a bit of a retracement, and then after that, we are looking for in terms of the retracement, we are looking for pattern recognition, a certain pattern to form, and then based on that, then we put our entry orders in, and that’s how we then take our trade, we’ll know trade management, as well as our target. So these are three things breakout first retracement, and then pattern recognition to get in, into the trade and that’s how we’ve been making this consistent profits, you can see over here on GD USD that’s an example of a pattern that we took on, and then the other one here on Eurodollar that we took this week as well. Coming back in, and then we took that retracement, and that one is the one that hit the target.
That’s all for me for now on this video as I say, just a reminder of two video courses one, that we screened an empire cinema. Really great for beginners slash, intermediate, and advanced/intermediate and professional traders look at, really good content, quality video courses out there just tailored all in the purpose in the mission to spread the truth of trading, that’s all for me for now and as we always say till the next time, stay disciplined, follow the trading plan, and keep trading, as a master.

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