GOLD series: Part 3 – How do we capitalize on the gold opportunity


In the previous parts, we looked at 4 key points for gold as a viable investment:

  • Central bank money printing
  • The erosion of value in fiat currency through inflation
  • Volatility in the stock markets
  • Increasing geo-political risk (China, Trump, Russia, N Korea – take your pick!)

We also looked at open equity and trade management. Here, we will look at the different possible ways we can take advantage of the gold opportunity.

In Money Master the game book by Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio had mentioned about the importance of diversification and the all season portfolio which would keep you protected with low risk. Ray Dalio had recommended putting aside 7.5% of your investments in GOLD (for further details, refer to ref link below).


When you buy gold, most investors would consider storing it in a vault rather than having it in their own households. It is more safe, convenient and easier to accumulate if you choose to buy more later. A few companies do a great job on offering this as a solution for you.

Hard Assets Alliance was started by gold investors for gold investors. Their platform is easy to use and is all electronically managed. They pride themselves in giving the lowest premium in the industry.

Gold managed by Mike Maloney, the director of hidden secrets of money is another place to buy gold or silver. Their great knowledge library on gold and silver is a good starting point and to help you make an intelligent investment decision.

The gold is delivered to your personal account at a well known bullion vault in Zurich in equal amounts over a 2 year period. Recently, they had reduced their minimum purchase amount from £25000 to £10000.  For further information click on the link:

We believe you have enjoyed the Gold series articles. It is our utmost pleasure to serve by providing you with valuable knowledge for elevating your financial education to master the markets. Till the next time, stay disciplined, follow your trading plan and keep trading like a Master.

Reference Links:

  1. Tony Robbins, Money Master the Game Book, pg 391-

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