‘Bulletproof Trader’ Book review

In this book, Steve Ward explores the mindset and mental skills to be developed for becoming a successful trader. Here are my 3 top learning points from the book:

  1. The 4 part framework for becoming a bulletproof trader – Psychology, Physiology, Pragmatism and Philosophy
  2. The ACT model of not changing or controlling unwanted thoughts but getting aware of them and accepting them, while keeping a strong focus on action in executing the process flawlessly and without any attachment to the outcome.
  3. The pain of loss is twice the pleasure of winning. However, you cannotavoid losses in trading but must learn how to take responsibility on how you respond, associate a new meaning and see them as for growth and learning so as to express your best self at each moment.

Beginners or professional trader will learn great insights and further reinforcements and reminders to what they should be practicing.
Overall, it’s a well researched book with plenty of methods (I liked the breathing method especially) and exercises to get your psychology right for peak performance trading.  I highly recommend it for both retail and institutional traders.

  • Thiru Nagappan, Trader and Founder of Master the Markets

To purchase the book, click on the link: https://www.harriman-house.com/bulletprooftrader

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