Live Trading Evening

Join us at our next live trading training event and learn from real life trading experts. We’ll have a panel of professionals ready to share their knowledge while you watch them trade in real-time. From strategy building to live analysis, our trainers will teach you how to trade like a master by revealing how to execute smart strategies supported by research on probabilities.

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  • 18:30 -19:00 Registration/Networking
  • 19:00 -20:30 Live Trading/Market Analysis
  • 20:30 -21:00 Food, Drinks, Networking
Traders Masterclass DVD

The first 5 people to attend will receive a free DVD featuring us and other industry leading traders. In the DVD we are speaking live on enhancing trading performance, giving you invaluable insight.

Trader Starter Pack

Another bonus is our online five part trading movie ‘Trader Starter Pack’, as shown in Empire Cinema. It will teach you how to always trade safely and consistently using research-backed strategies.

Games and Prizes

A chance to win ‘MONEY Master the Game’ by Tony Robbins during our interactive quiz section. The book has interviews with billionaire traders and investors, incl. Ray Dalio and Paul Tudor Jones.

What you will learn
How to plan your trading using sustainable, reproducible and scalable low risk, high return strategies.
How to place a live trade in less than 2 minutes and not lose more than 1% of your trading capital.
How to use a market crash to your advantage and make money using recession-proof trading strategies.
How to avoid “account busting” mistakes commonly made by newbies. Make your money work smarter than the banks.
Why you don’t need a large capital or any longer than 15 minutes a day to start. Stay free to do the things you love!
What makes us different?
Truth and Transparency

One of our key values is to always be transparent. We live by the motto “Traders first, trainers second”. This means we will always put you and your learning experience first. We are proud to provide you with knowledge that’s backed and supported by research.

Theory applied to practice

The majority of people learn best by doing. That’s why in each of our seminars we encourage our students to apply what they have learned then and there. We are present as you as you put theory into practice and available to answer your questions.

Research backed strategies

Our taught strategies have gone through rigorous research and testing to be sustainable, reproducible and scalable. The strategies sustain through all market conditions and can be applied to different scales of investments across different markets.

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