Potential traders are misconceived by the myths of trading and lack the confidence to start. Seasoned traders gain profits, lose it back and are unable to achieve consistent results. The reason? They are unaware of the truth of trading and the components to build a robust trading system. The way around this is to hang around the professionals and learn to build a trading system that fits your trading personality.

Master the Markets events help you do just that by giving you the opportunity to hang around like minded people and professionals who not only talk the talk but walk the walk. You get to hear the truth and see transparent track records of their trading performance and learn in a systematic, methodological way on how to build your own trading strategy.

  • Traders Basecamp Traders BasecampTraders Basecamp is a 2 day financial trading workshop designed for both beginners and seasoned traders. It is a fun filled event comprising of technical analysis, practical exercises and a technology section. To enrol for traders basecamp, you must first take our FREE 5 day video course. We have made it into a movie so that you have fun while you learn. Click below to get your FREE course.Click Here for your FREE course